Welcome to Pinhole NY

Pinhole New York is a website and blog to showcase the pinhole photographs I’ve taken in the metropolitan area over the past 20 years, as well as the new ones I’m taking now. To a large degree the purpose of the blog is two-fold: a) to gather my thoughts for several personal projects I’m developing and, b) to hopefully gain some traction with an audience that I can use as marketing muscle down the road. Translation: if you like what you see please “like”, “share”, and subscribe to my site. The more of an audience I get the better.

During the next few weeks I’ll post a handful of “newsworthy” items. A half dozen of my photos are included in Out of Focus, a gorgeous new art book by Peter Olpe, a Swiss  teacher recently retired from the Basel School of Design. There’s an exhibit associated with the publication of the book at the Swiss Camera Museum running from September 8 through January 13. The Dumbo Arts Festival is coming up (September 28-30)  and I’ll be participating in that for the fourth year running. Beyond that I’ll be posting some of the 800+ photos I’ve taken around New York City in the last few months as part of several projects that are in full gear but which, for now, will remain unnamed. Finally, I’ll dig into my archives and post some older photos, relate some technical info, and share fun stories of photographing with my scary-looking little black box, such as the time I was instructed on a NY Water Taxi to stop whatever the hell I was up to (taking pictures) because it was making the other passengers nervous!

If you’d like to stay in the loop on what I’m doing here (I’ll be posting regular updates in the next 6-12 months), please subscribe to my blog or “like” my Pinhole NY Facebook page. You’ll be notified whenever I add a post.

Thanks for reading!