Good Website Exposure

Good Website Exposure

Between the recent Dumbo Arts Festival and a couple of terrific online mentions, got some much-appreciated exposure during the last week.

If the crowds were anything like those at last year’s festival, then over 200,000 people showed up to the 16th annual Dumbo Art Festival. Over the course of the weekend I had over 700 visitors to my own studio and generated enough follow-up interest to get some solid traffic to my website.

And Immediately following the festival, Pinhole New York was mentioned by design blogger Khoi Vinh of A real honor and a big boon to traffic! If you enjoy smart writing on design, technology, culture and more, check out his site! was also picked up by, “a magazine, a shop, and a community dedicated to analogue photography”. With deep archives of articles, photos, and Lomo, Holga, and pinhole cameras to buy, is one of the motherships of the low-fi photography universe. Check out the article they wrote on my photos here.

And then just this morning posted a story and link to my site. A terrific blog with great articles, they bill themselves as a DAILY MIX OF CREATIVE CULTURE, a digital inspirational review network from the worlds of snow and street culture, graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, fashion, film and art, as a consistent source of inspiration for all involved – briefly speaking INTERNATIONAL STYLES. Check out the article here.

Thanks to all the visitors at the arts festival, and to and for their links to Pinhole New York!

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  • Portia on Dec 14, 2012

    Foto magnifiche. Evocano mirseto.Mi spieghi che significa Pinhole? Ho visto un libro proprio una settimana fa, qui a NY sul Pinhole ma non ho capito di che si tratta nonostante abbia fatto ricerche su internet. Il libro dava indicazioni su come costruire una camera da oggetti di uso comune: un barattolo di caffe8, una scatole, ecc. Ma che significa? Abbi piete0 della mia ignoranza!! Thanks!!