Recent NYC Photos

Recent NYC Photos

Since March of this year I’ve been on something of a pinhole bender. I’ve taken over 70 rolls of film (120), amounting to over 800 images. The photos are of NYC architecture, ferries, subways, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Green-Wood Cemetery, the High Line, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, 42nd Street, the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, the Easter Parade, the AIDS walk, and more.

After taking photos of the city on and off — generally pretty aimlessly — for much of the past 21 years, my shooting has suddenly come into much more focus, so to speak. I’m working on several related projects and am taking photos with specific subjects and concepts in mind. I also started using a new camera (still a small cardboard box wrapped in black plastic and electrical tape) that has a smaller aperture, and the images are noticeably sharper.

Most of the new photos I’m posting here are included in the PHOTOS > NEW IMAGES slide shows. I’ll also post some of them individually in the blog when there are stories worth telling.

I hope you enjoy them!

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